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The Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN) is a joint project of state insurance and brokers associations who have a common goal: IMPROVING THE QUALITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF DISTANCE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TO THEIR MEMBERS.


ABEN aims to serve as a platform to showcase and exchange the best in continuing education for mutual benefit of the associations and their membership. Business Professionals' Network manages the network and ensures the performance of the cutting edge technology that is the hallmark of ABEN.


The ABEN network is founded on the use of streaming video content over the internet that provides the participant with live, full motion video of the presenter, high quality audio, along with coordinated powerpoint slides. The ABEN platform, provided by Business Professionals' Network and its technology partner, BizVision, also allows the end user to fully participate in the webcast by downloading written materials, emailing questions to presenters in real time, making notes in the viewer "notes" area, and emailing those notes to themselves for later use.  For more details view The ABEN Difference.

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National Health Care Reform - Part 2


  • Course Description:

    The objective of this webcast is to provide the participant an overview of the details of the Affordable Care Act as (ACA) it relates to key terms, recent changes, insurance coverage requirements, taxes and penalties, implementation time-line, how the Exchanges will work, and how the law will impact employers. With this information the agent should be able to discuss the basic intent of the law and assist with decisions regarding health insurance for an individual or employer.

    Note - Part 1 is also available in your state's ABEN catalog!


    State Specific Details:

    FL  - This session has been approved by the DFS for two (2) hours of continuing education credits (intermediate), Agents: CE #84002, CE 2-40 Health

    SC - This course is approved in SC - Course#129044

    OH - This course is approved in OH - Course# 38525

    NC - This course is approved in NC - Course # C11539

    WI - This course is approved in WI - Course #68455

    MS - This course is approved in MS

    TN - This course is approved in TN

    NJ - This course is approved in NJ - Course# 88893923

    MD - This course is approved in MD - Course # C12312

    UT - This course is approved in UT - Course # 29363

    KY - This course is approved in KY - Course # C12183


  • Faculty and Production Information

    State Approval Information

    Course Materials

    • Course Materials
      • Student_Materials_Parts_1&2 (0)
      • National Health Care Reform-Parts One and Two-marketing (0)

    Basic Course Information

    • CE Credit: 2
    • Length: 2 hours
    • Producer: Co-produced by Florida Assoc of Ins Agents & Ind Ins Agents of South Carolina
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