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The Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN) is a joint project of state insurance and brokers associations who have a common goal: IMPROVING THE QUALITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF DISTANCE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE TO THEIR MEMBERS.


ABEN aims to serve as a platform to showcase and exchange the best in continuing education for mutual benefit of the associations and their membership. Business Professionals' Network manages the network and ensures the performance of the cutting edge technology that is the hallmark of ABEN.


The ABEN network is founded on the use of streaming video content over the internet that provides the participant with live, full motion video of the presenter, high quality audio, along with coordinated powerpoint slides. The ABEN platform, provided by Business Professionals' Network and its technology partner, BizVision, also allows the end user to fully participate in the webcast by downloading written materials, emailing questions to presenters in real time, making notes in the viewer "notes" area, and emailing those notes to themselves for later use.  For more details view The ABEN Difference.

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Hot Topics in Personal Lines


  • Course Description:

    This seminar begins with a practically oriented inquiry into how losses are adjusted on a day-to-day basis.  The seminar introduces not only the two key adjustment valuation measures – “actual cash value” and “replacement cost” – but also stresses to the students that the concepts are not as uniform and concrete as industry practice may suggest.  It then explains why this matters and includes practical illustrations of loss adjustment scenarios in which it is either impractical, impossible, or at least implausible to recreate precisely what the insured had prior to the loss.  These situations include older homes with ornate or impossible to replace materials; farm structures which cannot be rebuilt; and similar instances in which loss adjustment or settlement is complicated.

    The seminar then turns to the increasingly frequent and vexing problem of who is a “resident” of a household for insurance purposes.  For nearly two decades, states such as Indiana has used formulations such as, “[O]n the whole, the person will be a resident if all the facts demonstrate that he or she has maintained a ‘fixed abode’ in the household for some continuous time.”  (Allstate Insurance Co v. Shockley (S.D. In. 1991)).

    Practically speaking, this is not of much assistance to producers.  The section (and the problem) is illuminated by examining some of the other rules for “residency,” such as:

    • The person need not be a permanent member of the household.
    • The person must possess the subjective intent to stay for more than a “transitory” period;
    • That subjective intent may be found in objective words and actions.

    The seminar then turns to issues connected with having a personal lines insured operate a business out of the insured home.  This section discusses the prevalence of such arrangements, and also how those arrangements are treated under industry standard forms.  This section concludes with a discussion of case law. 

    Presenter  Richard S. Pitts






  • Faculty and Production Information
    • Richard S. Pitts, ,

State Approval Information

  • State Approval Information Details:

    State Specific Details:

    TN, SC - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE in these states

    OH - This course is approved for 2 Hours CE in Ohio - Course#37932

    NJ - This course is approved for 2 hours CE in New Jersey - Course # 88892516

    WI - This course is apporved for 2 hours CE - Course # 67704

    VT - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # 25301

    UT - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # 29361

    MD - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # C12292

    OK - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course# 1020294 (Agent)



Course Materials

  • Course Materials
    • Hot Topics in Personal Lines Course Materials (0)

Basic Course Information

  • CE Credit: 2
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Producer: Insurors of Tennessee: An Association of Independent Insurance Agents
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