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What's the ABEN Difference?

The ABEN Difference

The Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN) is a joint project of state insurance and brokers associations who have a common goal: improving the quality and accessibility of distance learning opportunities available to their members.

Others' Technology

Webinar technology has, for some time, been a common offering of many participating ABEN associations. Combining powerpoint slides delivered via the internet with audio of the instructor, either by telephone or internet, the webinar format allows for the delivery of educational content in a convenient, but visually limited fashion.

ABEN's Technology

The ABEN network is founded on the use of streaming video content over the internet that provides the participant with live, full motion video of the presenter, high quality audio, along with coordinated powerpoint slides. The ABEN platform, provided by Business Professionals' Network and its technology partner, BizVision, also allows the end user to fully participate in the webcast by downloading written materials, emailing questions to presenters in real time, making notes in the viewer "notes" area, and emailing those notes to themselves for later use.

ABEN's Production Values

ABEN programming features enhanced production values and formats appropriate to the video medium. Presenters interact with each other as well as you, the ABEN participant. This delivers an educational experience that is engaging, interesting, as well as professionally rewarding.

It is this unique combination of valuable information delivered using interactive live, video and audio internet technology that define The ABEN Difference.

About ABEN

About ABEN

The Agents and Brokers Education Network (ABEN), founded by state associations of independent insurance agents, is dedicated to bringing highly relevant, interactive, and professionally produced continuing education programs to independent agents in the most convenient and economical ways possible.

ABEN is managed by Business Professionals' Network, Inc., the leader in association-based continuing professional education, using video streaming technology for the delivery of highly produced, valuable information to help the professional succeed. ABEN is intended to provide the insurance agent/broker with an efficient and effective medium for receiving live as well as archived educational courses through the state associations to which they belong.

ABEN was founded by a group of state insurance and brokers associations and will serve state insurance and brokers associations nationally as a platform to showcase and exchange the best in continuing education for mutual benefit of the associations and their membership. Business Professionals' Network manages the network and ensures the performance of the cutting edge technology that is the hallmark of ABEN. A list of all participating associations can be found on the ABEN site.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Length: 2 hours

State Approval Information Details:

TN,SC - This course is approved for 2 hours CE in these states

NC - This course is approved for 2 hours General CE - Course#C98394

OH - This course is approved for 2 Hours CE in Ohio - Course#37929

KY - This course is aproved for 2 hrs CE - Course #C98597

NJ - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # 88892514

WI - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # 67701

DC – This course is approved in DC (course# 8451), MD (course# C14535) and VA (course# 210351)  for registrants through MWAIIA website

AL - This course is approved for 2 hrs CE - Course # 22499

Course Description:

The seminar is in three major parts. The first is a survey of the law underpinning the responsibilities of directors and officers of corporations (with a brief nod to the newer limited liability company). The introductory section is designed to illuminate the legal need for directors and officers liability insurance.

The second section addresses claims – both as a matter of frequency and severity – by reviewing major surveys in the area to show where purchasers are resistant to understanding of their D&O exposure. This section is designed to help producers educate their clients on the need for D&O and overcome the standard objections to it.

The third section is designed to review the major components of D&O policies, using the Insurance Services Offices’ Management Protection forms as a comparison point. Several features of these policies are pointed out, and the seminar concludes with a discussion of points which many insurers are willing to negotiate, i.e., where a difference from the standard marketplace is available.

 Presenter: Riachard S. Pitts


Produced By:

Insurors of Tennessee: An Association of Independent Insurance Agents


  • Richard S. Pitts

Course Materials

  • Directors and Officers Liability course materials